Frida @ the Dali

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Frida @ the Dali

Frida @ the Dali

Frida Kahlo at The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida is an inspirational exhibit that spans the life of one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.  With a selection of 15 paintings, seven drawings, several personal photographs including a biographical video that depicts the life and times of the artist that explains the circumstances of Frida’s life that contributed to her artistic expressions.

Frida's audience

Frida’s audience

The exhibit is designed as a timeline of the artist’s life.  The arrangement of paintings, drawings and photographs starting with her devastating bus accident in 1925 when she was 18 that haunted Frida with pain for the rest of her life, meeting Diego Rivera who caused her much psychological agony along with her personal conflicts that are depicted thru her artwork.

Retrato de Alicia Galant

Retrato de Alicia Galant

This early painting of Alicia Galant was a friend of the family who lived nearby in Coyoacán is beautiful with a velvety quality to the paint application.  Frida’s mother bought her paints while she was convalescing from her bus accident and she started to create portraits of people that she knew.  This portrait painting was signed on the back:  “My first work of art, Frida Kahlo 1927.”

Photographs depicting Frida's Life.

Photographs depicting Frida’s Life.

Frida was a muse for an assortment of well known photographers throughout her lifetime including her father, Guillermo Kahlo.  There are several photographs and videos sprinkled throughout the the exhibit.

candid portrait

Frida Kahlo by Julien Levy.

This photograph reveals an uninhibited Frida posing for the photographer.  Later on I discovered this image had been cropped from the original to disclose less of her nude figure.


Frida sketchbook pages.

Frida sketchbook pages.

There are several pages from Frida’s sketchbooks on display that reveal the spontaneity of her creative process.

mi nana y yo

mi nana y yo

‘My Nurse and I’ on canvas, 1937 depicts the memory when Frida’s younger sister Cristina was born and Frida was put under the care of a wet nurse who was an indigenous woman. In this painting the wet nurse has a blank expression of a pre-Colombian mask while Frida has the head of an adult and body of a child.  Frida’s artwork takes on this type of symbolism after her miscarriage while living in Detroit with her husband Diego while he is working on a large mural commission.  Her boldness in confronting her life struggles are astounding when seeing her artwork that’s revealing with a very personal and raw perspective.  As Frida continued to paint it seemed like the medium was like writing for her, as the primitive symbolism evolved, technically her painting style remained consistent throughout her artistic journey.

Frida with Chiquaqua at La Casa Azul.

Frida with Chiquaqua at La Casa Azul.

It’s so rare to be able to enjoy an art exhibit dedicated wholly to this inspiring artist that I recommend going out of your way to visit this show.  The Frida Kahlo exhibit is currently at The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL thru April 17, 2017.

welcome 2017

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mixed media #7726

mixed media #7726

It’s the end of another memorable year and I’m  currently working on a ‘clean canvas’ an looking forward to an experimental outcome ahead.  In 2016 I had committed myself to three solo exhibits that kept me occupied with, not only new work but, sorting out the logistics of presentations and marketing in order to get folks to come and see the projects that I had invested so much time in.  It seemed like I just finished with one show and I needed to plan out the next one.  One tip that helped me get through all three shows is that I consistently create new work every week so that I am continually adding to my portfolio and thereby reducing the pressure of creating work for a specific show.

mixed media #7765

mixed media #7765

Right now I’m exploring and working on new projects and thinking about my transitions as an artist.  Focusing on abstract mixed media pieces has been my passion lately as I work with colors and textures while exploring with marks and subtractive processes that will guide me to a finished piece.  Paintings can be so unpredictable as to how they begin and when they are completed.  Some come out fast while others are slow and have their moments of agony.  Is this one finished or do I push further?  Bold or delicate?  Balanced or decidedly off-center?

mixed media #7763

mixed media #7763

For the past few weeks I’ve started several 6″ x 6″ panels in an effort to push the envelope with techniques and designs without the commitment of painting large.  Each piece is a small study that allows me to relax and not worry about the outcome as much as I would with larger canvases which encourages me to take more risks.  For now these studies are my daily exercises that fine tune my vision and are inspiring me to work BIG.  It’s a luxury to just be able to relax and explore…  What are your artistic habits?

Retrospect Exhibit at Thayer Gallery

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Opening Reception: Thursday October 13, 2016 from 6 to 8pm

Thayer Art Gallery at Thayer Academy-located in the lower level of Thayer’s Southworth Library  745 Washington St. Braintree, MA  02184

Thayer Gallery Hours:  Mon-Fri|8am-3pm (when school is in session)  During regular hours the gallery is locked-for access call security 617.371.5217

Illustrations by Donna Ingemanson and installation by Charlotte Nickerson.

Illustrations by Donna Ingemanson and installation by Charlotte Nickerson.

This exhibit highlights my career as an illustrator and artist in a timeline with personal selections of art and licensed products.  Current pieces include digital, painting, mixed media and monotype printmaking.

Throughout my artistic career it has always been a journey of exploration and expansion. For years, as a student, designer, art director, illustrator and simply as an artist, my objectives always seemed like I was climbing to reach a goal, whether it was to perfect my skills, succeed at commercial assignments, run a solo business and, most importantly, enjoy the time allotted to me on this planet. My aspirations seemed to segue from one desire to the next while moving forward and still using strengths that I had learned in the past.

mixed media pieces 2016

mixed media pieces 2016

As an artist it seems like there’s always a bit of discontent and a desire to somehow make something better. There are so many masterful artists from the past and the present that it’s easy to become discouraged. In my mind I try to see the beauty in other art pieces and use it for inspiration in my own work.

Exhibiting my artwork is new for me as I have always been too busy creating art for corporate projects, editorial pieces and licensing to have time to get my work physically out into the world. This exhibit is a selection of pieces from the past 20 years that starts with the ‘Studio Wall’ which is a display of how assignments start with sketches and finished art and then translate to tangible products. Many of my newer pieces are still being licensed along with a large library of past art images.

So as I continue on my artistic path of discovery and creation right now I am taking the time to pause and reflect on the steps that have brought me to this moment.

-Donna Ingemanson October 2016

Special Thanks to Karen Koskores, Charlotte Nickerson and Image Resolutions.

Looking into the Crystal Ball

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'Chatter' mixed media 30"x22"

‘Chatter’ mixed media 30″x22″

June 17, 18 & 19th, 2016 are the dates for the South Shore Art Center’s Art Festival on the Green in Cohasset, MA.  It’s an honor to be included with several other talented artists in the Juried and Members Exhibits under the event tents.  It’s worth the trek to the South Shore as there are several activities that happen in conjunction with the festival such as musical performances, art exhibits and 90+ juried craft artisans.  Fri, June 17, 1-7   Sat, June 18, 10-7   Sun, 19 Noon-5   Rain or Shine!

'Buddha' mixed media digital

‘Buddha’ mixed media digital

This piece entitled ‘Buddha’ was inspired by a solar plate etching that I worked on recently in black and white.  It was transformed into a digital piece by combining photography and monotypes in photoshop.  A framed, printed version is included in the Members Exhibit under the events tent during the Arts Festival and a canvas version is part of the Coastal Printmakers Exhibit upstairs inside the South Shore Art Center throughout the Summer.

'Vernal' mixed media digital

‘Vernal’ mixed media digital

Starting July 6th thru August 2016 my work is being featured in a Solo Exhibit at the Paul Pratt Library in Cohasset, Ma hosted by the South Shore Art Center.  This exhibit will have a diverse variety of pieces that will all be recent artworks.  The Opening reception is Friday July 15th, 2016  6-8pm.  This exhibit is sponsored by my very talented friends at Image Resolutions in Norwell, MA.  Please visit.

National Juried Monotype Exhibit

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Monotype Guild of New England exhibit at the Attleboro Arts Museum.

Monotype Guild of New England exhibit at the Attleboro Arts Museum.

Monotypes are one of my favorite mediums that capture spontaneity and produce results that are very difficult to control.  Currently The Monotype Guild of New England is hosting its Fourth National Juried Monotype/Monoprint Exhibit at the Attleboro Arts Museum in Attleboro, MA thru May 7, 2016.  The exhibit was juried by Andrew Stevens, Curator of the Collection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs at the Chazen Museum at the University of Wisconsin.

Large variety of prints aare included in the exhibit.

Large variety of prints are included in the exhibit.

With over 100 prints included in the exhibit it represents a wide range of techniques and styles by contemporary printmakers and artists throughout the United States.

Sampling of prints in the exhibit.

Sampling of prints in the exhibit.

First Place Award goes to Anna Mavromatis, Houston, TX for her monotype entitled She Could Hear the Piano Playing.  Several awards and merits were presented to participating printmakers.

monotype entitled 'Yotzumata'.

monotype entitled ‘Yotzumata’.

One of my favorite pieces in the exhibit is this hybrid print entitled Yotzumata by Koichi Yamamoto from Knoxville, TN.  The impressive piece is a very large monotype with Intaglio Chine Colle and received the McClain’s Printmaking Award.

A vast range of print sizes are included.

A vast range of print sizes are included.

The Monotype Guild of New England is dedicated to the art of the unique print, it is a national, nonprofit organization that fosters understanding and appreciation of monotypes and monoprints. It sponsors exhibitions, workshops, and other special programs for its members and the public.

The Attleboro Arts Museum is located at 86 Park Street in Attleboro, MA.  Hours are Tues – Sat, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Standard admission and parking are free. Donations are always appreciated.

Make It Your Own Exhibit

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30" x 22" monotype entitled 'Dynasty'.

30″ x 22″ monotype entitled ‘Dynasty’.

Thru March 2016 the Coastal Printmakers have a special exhibit at The James Library and Center for the Arts.  Printmakers were asked to choose a piece of artwork that inspires them and create a print with their own voice.    The monotype that I have selected to be included in the exhibit is entitled Dynasty which was inspired by Cy Twombly.

Cy Twombly bookplate

Cy Twombly bookplate

Cy Twombly is known for his loose painterly marks that at first glance may appear to be naïve but after closer observation the viewer will be awakened to their sophisticated and poetic articulation.

This bookplate by Cy Twombly moved me with his love of paint. The textures and colors evoke a garden in bloom with a pureness and simplistic expression that also has depth and complexity.

Make it Your Own by Coastal Printmakers
MARCH 4-29 2016
Tues – Friday 1-5
Saturday 10-1
24 West Street  Norwell  MA

Currently on View

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 'Tulip 158' solar etching plate size: 4" x 5" frame size: 11" x 12" by Donna Ingemanson

‘Tulip 158’ solar etching plate size: 4″ x 5″ frame size: 11″ x 12″.

Four of my original pieces are included in the Small Works Gallery Artists Exhibit in the Dillon Gallery at the South Shore Art Center thru Dec 20, 2015.

This exhibit/sale is in conjunction with the On the Edge National juried show.

119 Ripley Road
Cohasset, MA 02025
Tel: 781 383 2787 Fax: 781 383 2964

5" x 7" Abstract Monotype with Chine-Colle by Donna Ingemanson.

5″ x 7″ Abstract Monotype with Chine-Colle by Donna Ingemanson.

A diverse collection of my original monotypes are currently on view and available for purchase at

210 quincy avenue braintree, ma 02184
mon – fri 10am – 6pm, sat – 10am – 5pm 781-843-1795

 Please visit

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