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December 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

mixed media #7726

mixed media #7726

It’s the end of another memorable year and I’m  currently working on a ‘clean canvas’ an looking forward to an experimental outcome ahead.  In 2016 I had committed myself to three solo exhibits that kept me occupied with, not only new work but, sorting out the logistics of presentations and marketing in order to get folks to come and see the projects that I had invested so much time in.  It seemed like I just finished with one show and I needed to plan out the next one.  One tip that helped me get through all three shows is that I consistently create new work every week so that I am continually adding to my portfolio and thereby reducing the pressure of creating work for a specific show.

mixed media #7765

mixed media #7765

Right now I’m exploring and working on new projects and thinking about my transitions as an artist.  Focusing on abstract mixed media pieces has been my passion lately as I work with colors and textures while exploring with marks and subtractive processes that will guide me to a finished piece.  Paintings can be so unpredictable as to how they begin and when they are completed.  Some come out fast while others are slow and have their moments of agony.  Is this one finished or do I push further?  Bold or delicate?  Balanced or decidedly off-center?

mixed media #7763

mixed media #7763

For the past few weeks I’ve started several 6″ x 6″ panels in an effort to push the envelope with techniques and designs without the commitment of painting large.  Each piece is a small study that allows me to relax and not worry about the outcome as much as I would with larger canvases which encourages me to take more risks.  For now these studies are my daily exercises that fine tune my vision and are inspiring me to work BIG.  It’s a luxury to just be able to relax and explore…  What are your artistic habits?

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