art in progress…

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

my tools-nice & clean!

Ahhhh…   everything starts out so nice and orderly once I arrive at the print studio.  The brushes are calling out to me!  The rags are untouched by ink or paint.

Colors begin to emerge.

While satisfying my intuition I am drawn to my color choices for the day.  Things begin to get messy.

Monotype plate in progress.

While scraping and painting I’m loosely working out the details of a design that feels right to me.  Not long ago I watched the movie Le mystere Picasso that tried to capture the creative process of his work.  It’s worth checking out as the viewer can see how Picasso had such a fearless approach to making art.  If a piece didn’t work out-he accepted it as part of the process.

Another version of the same design.

Once an initial print has been pulled I retool the design and manipulate it.  Each monotype print is unique and different.  After initially tinkering with a more muted palette I ventured towards black which is ultra-bold for me.  My goal is to create a finished piece that tells a story about color, texture, nature and the love of paint.

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