Narrow Land Pottery

September 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

Narrow Land Bowl by Joe McCaffery.

One of my side interests is pottery and throughout the years I’ve collected several unique pieces that give me inspiration on a daily basis.  Most of my collection were made by local potters that I’ve been lucky to follow as their careers have evolved.  On a recent trip to Cape Cod I made my yearly stop at Narrow Land Pottery to visit Joe McCaffery and his endless supply of entertaining corgis and to check out his latest ceramic creations.

Ceramics shop at Narrow Land Pottery.

Narrow Land Pottery is conveniently located right on Route 6 in Wellfleet, MA where Joe lives, works and sells his creations.  Over the years I have stopped by and picked up bowls, cups and vases but this year I was struck by the change in Joe’s work revealing not a just a productive side but a clear change in the approach to his work.  Although Joe has been successful in managing a career as a potter he has taken flight into new territory that reveals more depth, creativity and courage.  He’ll probably get mad that I said so…

Vase by Joe McCaffery.

Although Joe has a kiln on site throughout his career he has carved out time to participate in wood-fire kiln firing hosted by well-known potter Chris Gustin.  Working in this method makes the final outcome of the glazes somewhat unpredictable and left up to chance.  As a monotype printmaker this type of unpredictability is appealing and lends itself to the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi thereby appreciating the beauty of imperfection.

Pitcher by Joe McCaffery.

Pitcher by Joe McCaffery.

As a beginner collector of ceramics Narrow Land Pottery is the perfect place to start as Joe’s pieces are a very fine quality at affordable prices.  Each piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind so if you find something you like it’s best to pick it up as you’ll never find it again anywhere.  Narrow Land Pottery is open throughout the year and you can also find some of Joe’s museum quality pieces at Gary Marotta Fine Art in Provincetown, MA.



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